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Nothing quite like some good ol' feudin' right? Hope you got it out of your system. Now take a xanax or have a beer and breathe deeply. Lets try to bring the level of total nonsense back to a nice normal 80% instead of the 97% of late. Take a big slowdown on the infighting .

14 May 2012

Nato protester?

Swiped from Photocopper

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"Inmates shank each others eyes out with modified chess pieces."

Yeah, that will be an interesting day of news.

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Hi, my name is County Guy, welcome to Jackass!

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"The County Guy: Part 3," written by Fred Fox Jr.

We jumped the shark quite a while back there friend. That said, Happy Days went on for five more seasons.

If there's any specific format change you have in mind you can outline it and email to thecountyguy@gmail.com and maybe your people and our people can do lunch, CiĆ o.

24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

While life for all of us is far from perfection we still have much to be thankful for.
Have a great holiday!

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25 September 2011

Have fun.

Congrats and good luck.

03 September 2011


Meet the new boss,

same as the old boss. They fooled you guys twice now, shame on you.

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Who doesn't?

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03 April 2011

Pause for a moment.

You guys are better than this. Put the pointless bullshit to the side and discuss things without insulting each other. We know that requests like this usually yield dramatic drops in posting but quality beats quantity. The core concepts this site was built upon need shine through this shit talking mess.

This site was created as an open line of communication between all areas of the department. By posting here you unofficially chronicle all things good and bad that heretofore would be swept under the rug. Mistakes would be forgotten and repeated. There is definitely room for humor and cause to lampoon those deserving of it. The department has had its moments of triumph and spent heaps of time in the cellar. But to dwell on such pettiness distracts us from the big picture all around us. The anonymous nature of the commentator here is to shield one from political and workplace retaliation. Try not to engage in baseless and anonymous insults via the internet.

Thank you all for taking your time to share your experience, opinion and humor.

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29 December 2010

Yeah baby yeah!

17 December 2010

Merry friggin X-Mas!

25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Blogger is being a pain so we'll upload a pic later if we still feel like it.

20 November 2010


It's November 20th and this is traditionally the time of year for all kinds of layoff talk. In this comment thread we ask all of you to suggest ways in which the administration can operate this department more efficiently. List any practical ideas you may have that will save money, streamline operations and generally improve the department.

Administrators, your mission is to read these ideas and completely disregard them like usual utilize any valuable input because you're all doing such a great shitty job.

I'm in the hi-fidelity
First class traveling set
And I think I need a Lear jet

09 November 2010

19 October 2010

Open Post

Weeks from now it's likely that we will know little more of what the future holds for the department as a whole than we do on this day. There's little doubt that Mr. Dart will retain the title of Sheriff after the November election. We apologize if we're the bearers of bad news to the fans of Frederick Collins. We're not political analysts but we can safely say that the odds are against him. We could also say that he has a better chance of hitting a walk-off homer to win the a World Series for the Cubs, winning the lottery or forming a perfectly packed snowball in hell. Just to be clear, if a photo of Tom Dart snorting lines of blow with a dozen strippers were to appear on the front page of the Sun-Times he would still beat Frederick Collins. Keep the faith if you must but travail not in self-deception.

If Mr. Dart get's his way he'll become mayor of the cluster-fuck formerly known as the great city of Chicago. The field of candidates has yet to thin and he'll definitely face formidable opposition. Nonetheless he's a tough contender. To win or lose is a call to be made elsewhere.

The more pressing matter is where all this leaves us.

What we ask of you (our faithful minions) is that you reflect upon all events and departmental changes to your respective divisions of the Sheriff's Office over this Sheriff's tenure and of your career. Where do you see this department heading if Dart stays? What projects of his will fall upon his exit? What positive/negative affect has Dart had on the dept?

We'll pay respect to your posted opinion as long as you articulate like an adult.
We really love deleting comments these days. We're attempting to cut out some of the more unintelligible waste in an effort to encourage those with an intelligently formed opinion to share it without falling victim to baseless insult.

To the exempt staff:

We hope you realize that you could do more with this site than peruse it to read how people are bitching about you. Be glad we delete as many comments as we do. You all read this and we're not suggesting that you identify yourselves here and defend your actions. What would be nice though would be a little bit of insight from up high into the inner workings and future plans of this department. Chicago Police exempts contribute to SCC all the time by comment and email. It would seem that our command staff contributes little more than aperiodic commentary. On occasion we've been the recipient of angry email demanding this and that be stricken. We challenge you to ante up.

Humor remains welcome. Rumors are encouraged. Tread lightly.

27 September 2010

Open Post

Please stand by.

23 August 2010

09 August 2010

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Try not to piss us off.

25 July 2010

Open Post

Well kids, for far too long we have tolerated too many posts that have done nothing to elicit discussion or promote the sharing of information throughout the department. We have strayed from our original purpose. For this thread we will be moderating comments more strictly. You, the poster, will be held to a higher standard.

You will not rat each other out in here. It sickens us that some would feebly and transparently endeavor to create bad press for the Sheriff at the expense of officers. The end does not justify the means and it'll never see the light of day. In this comment thread you will not insult or attack each other. You may offer criticism if it is constructive and we encourage you to include a suggested solution to actions criticized. Humor is still welcome, but tread lightly.

When asking the blog operators a question please email instead of posting it in the comments.
When posting links please preface the link with brief description.

The number of views/posts means nothing to us. We don't get paid to do this.
Improve the quality of your content on this post. You're better than what you've shown so far.

15 July 2010

Open Post (Closed 25 JUL 10)

Morale is in the shitter.

29 June 2010

Open Post (Closed 11 JUL 10)

Summertime, and the living is easy.

18 June 2010

Open Post (Closed 29 JUN 10)

"$20M marijuana bust is one of Cook Co.'s largest"

23 May 2010

Open Post (Closed 31 May 10)

Arthur J. Bilek
Chicago Police Lieutenant
Special Investigator for the Cook County State's Attorney
Chief of the Cook County Sheriff's Police
Founder, Chairman and Professor of the University of Illinois, Chicago, Criminal Justice Department
Now named: Executive Vice President of the Chicago Crime Commission