26 July 2008

Cook County Open Post (Closed 01 AUG 08)

Officer Slater: [talking to Fogell with Officer Michaels in the liquor store after a robbery] May we see your identification?
[Fogell uneasily hands over his fake ID]
Officer Slater: McLovin?
[Fogell is really nervous]
Officer Slater: [pauses] That's a cool name.
Fogell: [amazed that his fake ID worked] Wha... wha...
Officer Slater: Yeah, people have weird names nowadays. Once I arrested this man-lady, and his legal first name was "Fuck".
Officer Michaels: He was Vietnamese, so it was spelled "Ph," but still that's pretty jarring to see on a drivers license.

21 July 2008

Cook County Open Post (Closed 26 JUL 08)

Ray Tango: Oh shit, it's Conan.
Gabriel Cash: What?
Ray Tango: It's Conan.
Gabriel Cash: Are we gonna get F.U.B.A.R now?
Ray Tango: What the hell is F.U.B.A.R?
Gabriel Cash: You'll see.
Face: Real bad ass cops. You don't look so tough now, do you? DO YOU, YOU FUCK? Out on the streets, this pig with his cop friend, broke my ribs, my leg and my jaw.
[tsks at Tango]
Gabriel Cash: You broke that jaw?
Ray Tango: He deserved it.

16 July 2008

Cook County Open Post (Closed 21 JUL 08)

Littering and... littering and... littering and... smokin' the reefer.

14 July 2008

From the comments:

The sons of bitches that assassinated our brother Mike Ridges want out of prison.

Read about the Ridges incident on the LEO Memorial webpage. It is a chilling story of how a policeman was conducting a surveilence on a house when he happened upon the offenders who were going to commit a contract murder and were prepared to kill everyone in the house. Killing Mike seemed to be child's play to them. Just savage!

Make a phone call. Send a letter email or FAX. Do something to ensure that these cocksuckers never see the light of day again!
Please act now to keep these cop killers behind bars.

On Thursday, July 17, 2008, Ira Jackson [Inmate #N82059] may walk out of jail as a free man after serving only half of the 40 year sentence he received for the killing of Cook County Sheriff's Police Investigator Michael Ridges.
On Wednesday, August 27, 2008, Allen Falls [Inmate #N80634] may also walk out of jail as a free man after serving only half of the 40 year sentence he received for the killing of Cook County Sheriff's Police Investigator Michael Ridges.
On behalf of any family members, loved ones, and fellow police officers who want justice and fairness in the honor of Michael Ridges we are asking that concerned citizens call, write, or visit the parole board to ensure that these cop killers remain in prison for the duration of their terms.
The cases are currently in the hands of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board. They can be contacted at:

319 East Madison Street
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 782-7273

The Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 730 Section 5-5.5-30(a)(3), regarding the application of good conduct by the IPRB states that, "the relief to be granted is consistent with the public interest."
Letting the murderers of police officers out of prison cannot possibly be within the public interest.
We thank you for any help or assistance that you may be able to provide in this matter.

Best regards,

Cook County Sheriff's Police FOP Lodge #4

10 July 2008

Cook County Open Post (Closed 16 JUL 08)

Dignam: This is unbelievable. Who put the fuckin' cameras in this place?
Police Camera Tech: Who the fuck are you?
Dignam: I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy.

04 July 2008

Cook County Open Post (Closed 10 JUL 08)

Those of you who's comments that we have struck down with draconian fury should celebrate your freedom of speech today. Thank God and the United States of America that your comments can't be rejected in real life though they can be disagreed with.
Happy fourth everyone. Be safe.