06 January 2009

Cook County Open Post ( Closed 30 JAN 09 )

We'd like to thank the person that emailed these to us. If anybody else has any old photos from Police, Courts or Corrections we'd love to see them.

From our email:

Hello County Guy; I am a P.O. from CPD and I am in the process of publishing a new and improved handbook for your Corrections guys. I would also like to publish a hand book for the Sheriff's Police and Court Services people as well. I am currently unaware of any existing handbooks for the Sheriffs Police and Court Services, but I would like to make them. I have already published a handbook for CPD and it has been a huge success. Check out my website at www.Chicagocop.com.

If you would be so kind as to start a separate post on your blog for comments and suggestions for things that should be included and/or improved in the handbooks for each corrections, court services, and police that would be great. My goal is to put out a detailed and resourceful Field Guide that can be carried in the uniform pocket to make an Officers life a little bit easier at work.

Thanks for any assistance,

P.O. Michael Chuchro


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