25 July 2010

Open Post

Well kids, for far too long we have tolerated too many posts that have done nothing to elicit discussion or promote the sharing of information throughout the department. We have strayed from our original purpose. For this thread we will be moderating comments more strictly. You, the poster, will be held to a higher standard.

You will not rat each other out in here. It sickens us that some would feebly and transparently endeavor to create bad press for the Sheriff at the expense of officers. The end does not justify the means and it'll never see the light of day. In this comment thread you will not insult or attack each other. You may offer criticism if it is constructive and we encourage you to include a suggested solution to actions criticized. Humor is still welcome, but tread lightly.

When asking the blog operators a question please email instead of posting it in the comments.
When posting links please preface the link with brief description.

The number of views/posts means nothing to us. We don't get paid to do this.
Improve the quality of your content on this post. You're better than what you've shown so far.

15 July 2010

Open Post (Closed 25 JUL 10)

Morale is in the shitter.