03 April 2011

Pause for a moment.

You guys are better than this. Put the pointless bullshit to the side and discuss things without insulting each other. We know that requests like this usually yield dramatic drops in posting but quality beats quantity. The core concepts this site was built upon need shine through this shit talking mess.

This site was created as an open line of communication between all areas of the department. By posting here you unofficially chronicle all things good and bad that heretofore would be swept under the rug. Mistakes would be forgotten and repeated. There is definitely room for humor and cause to lampoon those deserving of it. The department has had its moments of triumph and spent heaps of time in the cellar. But to dwell on such pettiness distracts us from the big picture all around us. The anonymous nature of the commentator here is to shield one from political and workplace retaliation. Try not to engage in baseless and anonymous insults via the internet.

Thank you all for taking your time to share your experience, opinion and humor.